RESOLUTION FOR 2016 2016年抱負

Happy New Year!
May this year bring joy, happiness, and peace to you.

Last year was a very colorful one for us.

So many adventures, serendipitous meetings with teachers and mentors in Japan, new learning, and challenges…
How about yours?

Lately, we are working on “marbling,” which is dying paper by floating it over various colors of liquid inks suspended in water. The result is a beautiful pattern, which resembles marble.

You can make an infinite variety by adding drops of different colored inks, as well as swirling the water in desired ways so that the colors flow into and around each other. Many different patterns and new colors emerge from the mixture.

The colorful experience and new learning we had last year will connect and start interacting with other colorful areas.

By collaborating with other organization and artists, this beautiful marbling will be made.

We don’t know what the color or pattern will be, but we know that it will be a beautiful one.
It is unpredictable, but that’s why there is a beauty.

We are working hard to make our dream project come true. (This year is just beginning!)
We are hoping to share the beauty in this world..:)

Hope your year will be a great one.

Thank you so much!


Aki and Cole




たくさんの冒険、日本での師との出会い、新しい気づきや学び、たくさんのチャレンジ・・・ 皆さんにとってはどんな一年だったでしょうか?




一つの色や、点だけではこの美しい模様はできません。 色々な色、形、大きさがあるから、違うものが混じり合うからこそできる色合い。




言葉で「良い」「悪い」「すべきこと」を主張するのではなく、 もっと、ポジティブで、みんなが心から、「やりたい」「変えたい」と思うようなきっかけになるような仕事がしたい。そう思いながら、今日も一日を過ごして行きたいと思います。 どうぞ今年もよろしくお願いいたします。

あき & コール