Polaroid Photographs by Aki S. Norton.

“What is your favorite pose?”

“Could be a pose with my back. There is a quote from a Takarazuka actor, which stunned me. She said, “To tell a story with your back is extremely difficult.”

“I guess your back tells the story of your life- the accumulation of time and moments in your life. Every decision and action that creates who you are now.”

“We are just beautiful when we can let ourselves be who we truly are. Then, we can accept other people, as they truly are. That’s the beauty.”


Conversation and photos from Session with Anna in 2017.

“When I was young, I loved looking at images of Maria. Her beauty was adored across and beyond regions and cultures.

“A unifying beauty, which transcends differences. I was obsessed with looking at her in many different artworks.”

“Let’s do a pose which shows that beauty; something that helps us to connect beyond words and differences of religion, race, politics, or anything.

“Can you pose with that beauty you found in Maria? Please move freely as you would like. We love to see you dance.



Photos from Aki Norton



Polaroid Photographs by Cole Norton.

Human beauty stirs us toward creation. Exposed, we may find that we see ourselves in the eyes of others, as if in a mirror. To witness beauty with compassion is to find compassion for ourselves. Our past, our present, and our future.

This series is for Anna, a jewel of this world. Beyond her beauty, the strength of her spirit lightens our own load.

Yesterday I learned of the passing of photographer Ren Hang, a true creator of beauty. I am reminded again how we must be courageous to put truth and beauty into this world.